The Last of :10: - Eros Album art work
Eros - Book Cover
/Not Your Life
/Painting Her
:10: / Eros

I wish to see it as a place of beauty
These lines of red carved within my skin as I lay beneath
its wonder
Fluids sway about my flesh
Breaking free from my ribs and submerging my heart in tones
of black
My eyes growing larger as my vision fades
Reds and blacks wading inward
It is not a place of beauty of which I thought
Falling further down, consumed within its walls of lies
As this darkness bleeds out of me, from within me
I now see its true intent
Of which to drown me in hurt
Of which to suffocate my lungs with concealed sharp spines
Behind the glass of illusion I weep
Wishing to awake from this false paradise
I am


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